Saturday, 30 November 2013

Smallest wireless Router

Smallest Wireless Router 

Asus has introduced a very small Wireless Internet Router to overcome the restrictions in Internet usage. The Taiwan made model WL-330NUL has 6.5cm length and 17.5gram weight. Asus has mainly aiming the Laptop, Smart Phone and Tablet users while in traveling. There are four different small models are available. It will become the Wireless Router when the Lan port connected. It has only one connecting point whereas it is useful for multiple internet connectivity.

                     It is possible to get the Wireless Internet connectivity in Desktop Computers where there is no Wi-Fi connectivity by connecting with a USB. We can use this system in Wi-Fi failure Laptop also.

                      It can use as an Ethernet – USB adapter. It is useful to provide the wired internet in such models where there is no RJ-45 Ethernet port like Mac Book Air. The Wi-Fi Hot Spot models are able to re-broadcast the wireless network, so that you can share the internet connectivity of your Laptop or Desktop with other equipments. It can be used in the Conference hall where the Wi-Fi Hotspot required. 



          This router can work with Windows and Mac Operating Systems.The power receiving is through the USB so that it can connect with the Ac Adapter, Laptop or from any portable power bank even. The price of this is Rs. 3500/-.      

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