Thursday, 9 January 2014

Samsung game pad controller

Samsung Game pad

Samsung game pad controller

   Samsung Game pad introduce android phones and tabs through this Samsung game hardware. It introduce smart phones with wireless game connectors. It designed suitable for android smart phones and tabs. Samsung game pad is a challenge to portable connectors. 

   We can use android mobile phones and tabs as screen. Phones and Tabs having android 4.1 operating system with Bluetooth 3.0 can connect with this. It has minimum size 4.3 inch from android 4.3 versions can operate game pad using NFC connecting. Which have NFC facility it does not require to download the application perform automatic pairing. 

   It have 2 analogue sticks, 4 action buttons, 2 trigger buttons and also have select, start, play buttons. We can play 35 games using the game pad newly introduced games can play through this. 

   The product first introduced some Europe countries then it becomes available every where. This game pad controller will be launched in India in this month. Prize of the product is not predicted,  it does not require separate screen due to this effective cost may be low. Its challenge to Samsung game pads station Xbox etc....

Samsung game pad

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  1. Can you tell me WHERE DID YOU GET THIS GAMEPAD? I call best buy, Samsung.....nowhere to get , and no one knows about it, what kind the product they release and nowhere to get? ever 2015 they release S console gamepad is nowhere to just on sale in Korea?