Wednesday, 4 December 2013

qualcomm toq



Premium mobile possessor manufacturers QUALCOMM introduced a smart watch into market without any competition that is ‘Toq’ introduced in America QUALCOMM said that the watch's screen never will be off and battery charge durable for days. Company also said it is only a experiment to check new technologies for future and it is not mean to race with other smart watches. In USA the price for this watch is $349 (India Rs. 21500).

Company never produce large amount of products in this series because they never give value for Market and the availability of this product outside of USA probably low. US customers can book watches from company website.

Toq works with android 4.0.3 and above versions, and when the connection establish via Bluetooth  Phone shows the time and weather stock market etc. screen size 1.55 inch and the main attraction is Marisol display, it even works with sun lights, and less energy consumption against with Samsung galaxy gear watches. Gear watches use OLED display which use more energy for displaying and it causes for low battery life.

qualcomm toq

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