Friday, 13 December 2013

yota dual side screen mobiles

Yota Dual Side Screen Mobiles

yota dual side mobiles

In the mobile phone industry Yota devices introduce new history it introduce a phone having display on both sides front and back. As usual phones it has a normal LCD display on front side and an electronic paper display on back side. It consumes only low battery charge this is the most advantage

We can avoid pressing more buttons for accessing missed call. time, message, news feeds, climate maps etc due to this can reduce the power conception 2nd screen is always on it help to access this can read e-books continuously up to 50hourss. Using the LCD screens it offers battery life equal to usual phones. Except Russia phone available in Germany, Austria, France, and Spain. In January it available in Britain before March it available in Middle East.
Now Nolta will not introduce in America India china but they say that the 2nd model is available to the whole world. This is the model over come disadvantages of the 1st model. Cost is 499yuro (around 41851rs). Next introduce the another advantages and disadvantages 1280x720 pixel resolution.LCD in frond having size inches (342ppi)

 Also provide new gorilla glass-3 protection 1.7GHz dual core processor is a failure same rated different company products provide quad core processor is .Ram runner having 32GB in built memory also provided SD card slot

Using operating system android 4.22jellibean next product is changed kitkat 360x40 pixel resolution and having e-electric display its main disadvantage is it does not support 3rd party applications. it only use application and it provides the facilities 4G,NFC,WiFi.

yota dual side smart phone

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