Thursday, 20 March 2014

Google Smart Watch

Google Smart Watch 

google latest smart watch specification
Google smart watch

      The Specification of the Google Smart Watch which is yet to be released, is spreading through online. The information is released by EVLEAKS, who is behind it like other similar action. Reports are showing that LG will be the manufacturer of it, who already manufactured Google Nexus 5 Smart phones. 

     May be the production has started; It has the 240 pixel density and the pixel resolution of 280x280 and 1.6 inch. It means the hardware specification is equal to a Low End smart phone. The Samsung Galaxy gear 2 Smart watch also having almost the similar specification. 

     Last year the wall street Journal has reported that Google will release one smart watch in 2014 and there was a report that they were in the last stage of planning about it. There is a report that Google will release this product in the I/O development conference held in this year.

google smart watch

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